Have you ever wondered what’s next for the Tube Heroes Brand? Here is the answer you have been waiting to hear!  

The Tube Heroes are coming up with a new game app called Tube Heroes Racers. A fun and interactive mobile game app where each player is on a mission to help their favorite Tube Heroes and race against mysterious evil racers. 

The game allows players to race as their favorite Tube Hero and compete against these Tube Rivals. As the villains are defeated, players will be able to unlock new tracks and move on to the next evil encounter to help unlock more Tube Heroes, cars and race tracks. Are you ready to play? Great!!! Let’s help the Tube Heroes unlock their vehicles and tracks! 

The game has a customizable experience for each player! Don’t be left out of the fun, the game will be available for download starting Friday, May 20th, 2016!

Click here to check out the official Tube Heroes Racers site.