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Tube Heroes Racers Speedway

Join the fun and show us your racing skills. The Tube Heroes are looking for the fastest racer out there. Check for the weekly designated track and mode, start your engines and race on!

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TH Avatar Contest

Create your Tube Heroes Avatar Today!

Making a Tube Heroes digital version of yourself has never been this fun! Customized face expressions, hair styles, clothes and cool accessories. Add it to your favorite background and customize it for your social accounts.

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Tube Heroes Racers

The Tube Heroes are coming up with a new game app called Tube Heroes Racers. A fun and interactive mobile game app where each player is on a mission to help their favorite Tube Heroes and race against mysterious evil racers. 

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TubeHeroes Hashtag Hunt

Tube Heroes are coming up with some exciting news for you! Reveal the mystery before anyone does by watching the compilation of The Void episodes and find the top secret hashtags that are hidden. 

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Untube and Capture Photo Caption Contest

Gather up your Mini Blind Tubes and get ready to Capture some pics!

The Tube Heroes are bringing to you another fun contest and a chance to win amazing Tube Heroes prizes, including an autographed poster of CaptainSparkles!

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Creating Your Own Video Content

Creating your own video content can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start and how to proceed. Luckily, for you, as part of the Tube Heroes University, we are sharing a simple step by step process that will help you organize yourself.

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Tube Heroes Stop Motion Studio App

The Tube Heroes have incorporated in their website a fun and interactive app where you can push your creativity to the next level and create your own Stop Motion Animations!

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Un-tube and Discover!

The Tube Heroes latest product is out in stores! There are 19 mini Tube Heroes are waiting for fans around the world to find them. These fun sized Tube Heroes come in a Mystery Tube along with a description of the character, but you will never know which Tube Hero you are getting until you untube it!

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Tube Heroes Stop Motion Contest

Did you hear what the buzz is all about?! The Tube Heroes are coming up with an app that will teach you how to create your own stop motion videos. But wait, that’s not the best part!!! This brings us to our third Tube Heroes Contest! 

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