MORE Tube Heroes are Coming!

Stay alert and keep your eyes peeled. Be sure to check back often to see who the next Tube Heroes will be.


An unparalleled scientist, inventor and chemist.


A powerful hero and the fastest Tube Hero of all.


Ali-A's tactical expertise and daring escapes, over the years, have made him into a living legend.


Don’t be fooled by her cuteness, when it comes to a challenge, LDShadowLady is always ready to face it.


He has many super powers to protect his subterranean kingdom and his loyal subjects, that he calls "Dwellers."


With his powers, the Sky army banner and Butter Sword appear in his hands at any moment he chooses.


Feared by his opponents and adored by his fans, PopularMMOs is renowned for his abilities as a warrior. 


Jen loves all things cute and girly, and this has given her the nickname SuperGirlyGamer; however, don’t let her signature pink dress and bow fool you!


SSundee is known for being an avid Minecraft player that has fans of all ages due to his personality of commentating his YouTube videos.


Lachlan can usually be found training his pets for competitions, but, this master beast-trainer is equally well-known for his super-slick hairstyle and high-quality banter!


Two amazing lizard brothers who are ready to take on any challenge as long as they have each other’s back.


A dynamic Penguin and Chicken Duo who are always ready and eager to go on the next adventure.


Any time he explodes, no matter how big or small, ExplodingTNT regenerates instantaneously.


One of the Legendary Sidemen, Vikk is a formidable weapons expert.


He has the ability to turn into a Super Wolf. When it comes to a challenge he lets his axe do the talking!


Two words sum up her abilities and they're not to be taken lightly: Super Strength.